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Biyernes, 20 Abril 2012 ng 23:34

My husband works as an IT consultant for a US-based company in the Philippines. He has been serving the same client for 5 years. On Friday, they will be celebrating his 5th year with the company. He is considered as one of the pioneers in their team and has been promoted a couple of times in the span of 5 years. He has a lot of good memories with his team and I consider myself lucky to have known each of them too. A couple of his good friends from the office, Neil and Nino, were part of our wedding entourage. These friends work in the same field of knowledge with that of my husbands and that is the SEO services. They all have to endure a lot of deadlines and meetings in their works. My husband works in an SEO company that focuses on reputation management services.

These services are, often, given to those websites that needed help in terms of online marketing. If you’ve got a business on the internet, the best thing you could do about is to promote it, in order to let people know that you exist in the first. It is not really easy to make things happen in a blink of an eye, but it would really pay off all effort in creating a website that is worth the entire wait to reach up the high rank. Through online reputation management, many websites that are products of true hard works have reached the search engine topmost results and indeed, this is already one great achievement.


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