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  • The importance of UXO surveys

    Unexploded Ordinance surveys detect for dangerous grenades, artillery shells and bombs. Carrying out a UXO survey is essential if you plan on carrying out construction work on an area which may have been targeted by air raids in WWII, or was a previous army training ground.

    UXO abbreviates Unexploded Ordinance, a term used to describe unexploded grenades, bullets, artillery shells and mortars. A UXB is an Unexploded Bomb, and many UXOs and UXBs remain today on ex military training areas or areas targeted by air raids in World War II.

    These prove an obvious health, safety and environmental risk, with significant cost implications if they cause damage. A UXO survey will assess whether there are any UXO causes for concern, which may be more common than you first think. Between 2006 and 2009, 15,000 UXOs were discovered on construction sites in the UK. A 1,000kg bomb was found in East London in 2008 which had the potential to cause considerable damage, thus highlighting the importance of a UXB or UXO survey.

    Bombs travel through the ground, and so over a course of years they will become invisible as they are covered by terrain and plants. A Geophysical UXO survey will typically detect large UXBs up to 5 metres, and smaller items which are buried up to 2 metres deep.

    The identification and location of harmful artillery is often essential at the design stage of construction projects, and an UXO survey may be of particular relevance to the redevelopment of brownfield sites. To choose a type of UXO survey, a number of factors will need to be assessed. The ground type, proposed use, likely UXO in that area, and its likely depth will all need to be considered. The survey may be used to ensure health and safety, or for use in archaeological exploration. There are three types of UXO survey. Non-intrusive surveys involve the sensing of items from the surface, intrusive surveys involve data collection from sensors inside the ground, and marine surveys detect UXOs and other metallic objects under the sea.

    Magnetometry is one of the more common techniques used in non-intrusive surveys, which uses Electro Magnetic Systems. Intelligent software manages the findings of UXO surveys into a comprehensive set of data, filtering out any ambient magnetics.

    Buried fuel tanks and air raid shelters are another reason why a geophysical survey may need to be carried out, as they can create construction problems. The prominence of badger sets also show up in these surveys, and as they are a protected species, they must be considered during construction works. Geological surveys also show the characterisation of land forms, and can be carried out on a large scale. Other uses for these surveys are reinforced concrete mapping, used for locating foundations and such, when more foundations or a borehole are required; and high frequency structural radar, used for showing features within a building, such as hidden flues and chimneys, historic features and voiding.

    If an UXO is discovered in a geophysical UXO site survey, the surveyors will stop all works, evacuate the area and contact specialist disposal experts. Once the area is declared safe it will be possible to continue development.

    SUMO Services Ltdcarry out all areas of geological surveying nationwide. Their services cover UXO surveying, utility mapping and detection, topographic surveying, archeological surveying and geophysical surveying.

    UXO Surveying

  • Breast Feeding Clothes: Elegant, Practical and Very, Very Yo

    Breast feeding clothes can combine fashion and practicality. There are designs for every occasion; from the formal party to going down the shops. Crossover nursing wear is practical for mums-to-be and proud new mothers.

    Modern breast feeding clothes allow nursing mothers to combine fashion and elegance with practicality. Once upon a time, breast feeding clothes didn't leave new mothers with many options. On the one hand, they could wear specialist breast feeding clothes. They certainly made breast feeding easy, but were far from elegant. Many women are already conscious of their figure after having a baby and unflattering, matronly designs do little to accentuate their femininity. The only alternative was to wear normal clothing, but they lacked practicality. In order to feed, mothers would have to pull clothing in all sorts of directions; awkward and uncomfortable at the best of times, near impossible on public transport or similar places. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way; modern breast feeding clothes combine the two to offer new mothers a practical option with designer style.

    Having a baby can be plenty expensive enough - bottles, clothes, cots, toys and not to mention the endless, endless nappies - without having to buy two more sets of clothes for yourself; one for maternity wear and one for nursing. Crossover nursing wear allows you to go from an expectant mum with a fantastic bump to a practical, get-out-and-go breast feeding mother without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe.

    Being pregant shouldn't have to mean hiding your bump beneath baggy dresses and T-shirts that better resemble a sackcloth. The crossover nursing wear accentuates your feminine figure without hiding away the fact that you are pregnant. Once you have given birth to baby, the same clothes serve just as well for breast feeding.

    Different styles of clothing offer different forms of nursing access for mum and baby. The wonderful thing about these breast feeding clothes is that the nursing access options are incorporated into the design; others will look at you and see the fashionable cut of your dress or top, rather than drably functional attire. Different women may prefer different options, which may help inform your choice of clothing;

    - One dresses with a low neckline, this neckline can be pulled aside to allow nursing access.

    - On other designs, the empire line can be lifted. This is again easily disguised, through stripes or layers.

    - Some tops allow the lower hem to be lifted.

    - Side-seam access hides the seams to the back, allowing the outer layer of clothing to be lifted for nursing access.

    - Drape designs can conceal vertical front access.

    - There is also the traditional drop cup access; like many nursing bras, this allows one cup of the dress or top to be detached and dropped, affording quick and discreet nursing access.

    Just as the practicality of breast feeding clothes means your wardrobe needn't grow too huge, it needn't be limited either. The wonderful advantages we have discussed of breast feeding clothes applies to nightwear, top, dresses and jackets. There are simple tops perfect for casual wear, elegant dresses for weddings and other special occasions, as well as the obligatory slender numbers when you really want to rock that yummy mummy look.

    Breast feeding clothes needn’t be the restriction they once were. With a range of designs and styles available, you can express your individuality and look better than you ever have done before, while remaining the practical, go-getting mother. Chic, practical and very, very you.

    A Beautiful Mummy sell breast feeding clothes from a range of popular brands, including AnneeMatthew Nursing Wear, Mothers en vogue, bellybutton, IMAHOT Design, Paola Maria, Milker, Ripe Maternity and Queen Mum. Log onto their website and find the design that is right for you.
    A Beautiful Mummy’s breast feeding clothes